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Summary Notice

We are Agranpor S.L., with NIF ESB15778889, licensees of the portal, we treat your personal data as data controllers. We will use your data to manage your purchase of products and services, registration and attend to your queries. Also, if you choose, to send you personalized communications.

The main reason for processing your data is that we need it to execute the contract that you accept with us when making a purchase or registering, although there are others such as answering your queries or sending you newsletters.

We will share your data with service providers that we need to offer you the proper functioning of the web portal, whether within or outside the European Union.

You have the right to access, rectify or delete your registered personal data. In some cases you also have the right to object to us using your data, or storing it, as we will explain in more detail below.

We are transparent with what we do with your data, but if you have any questions you can write to us at


Notice of Privacy

1.- Responsible for data processing

Agranpor S.L., commercial licensee of the portal with address at Calle Juana de Vega nº15 Segundo, 15004, A Coruña. Spain.


2.- Purpose Legitimation of the treatment and term of conservation of your data

Depending on the products or services you purchase, we will need to process some data or others, mainly:

  • Identification data (name, surnames, address, country from which you are connected, etc.)
  • Transactional data (information about your purchases, orders, returns, etc.)
  • Navigation and geolocation data
  • Commercial information (if you are subscribed to our newsletter)

Some of the information that we will ask you to complete will be mandatory, we need it to be able to provide you with the service. If you decide not to complete any of them, we may not be able to lend it to you.

We will treat your personal data for the following purposes:

  • For the fulfillment and execution of the contract of sale or services that you have contracted with us on the Portal.

Legitimation: your data is necessary for the execution of the sales or service contract that binds us to you.

Term: the time necessary to manage the purchase of products or services, including return periods.

  • To manage your registration as a Portal user

Legitimation: Your data is necessary for the execution of the terms that regulate the use of the platform.

Term: the time in which you maintain your status as a registered user.

  • To respond to your questions or requests that you make through our contact addresses.

Legitimation: Your data is necessary to answer your queries, resolve incidents about your orders or for the fulfillment of legal obligations on our part, in the event of a claim.

Term: the time that is necessary to solve your doubt or request.

  • For Marketing Purposes

Legitimation: the consent on your part when accepting to receive personalized information.

Deadline: until you request the withdrawal.

  • For analytical purposes

Legitimation: Interest in analyzing and improving the user experience on the Portal.

Term: punctually for surveys, or until we delete your browsing data.

Regardless of whether we treat your data only for what is strictly necessary, to comply with the aforementioned purposes, we will subsequently keep it properly stored and protected for as long as responsibilities arising from its treatment may arise and in compliance with current regulations at all times. Once prescribed, we will proceed to the elimination of your personal data.

3.- Sharing data with third parties

To fulfill the purposes of this notice, it is necessary that we give access to your data to third parties that provide us with necessary services for the proper functioning of the portal:

  • Financial entities
  • Service providers: technological, logistics, transport and collaborating establishments and customer service
  • Collaborators of marketing and advertising services and managers of social networks.

If any of the service providers are located in territories outside the European Union, we would request that they provide us with a level of protection comparable to that of the EU.


4.- Your rights

We guarantee the exercise of your rights and we promise to respect the confidentiality of your personal data. You can exercise them at no cost by writing us an email , with the reason for your request and the right you want to exercise. In order to identify you, we will ask you for a copy of an identity document.

You have the right to consult the data we have about you “access”. If you are already registered, you can do so by accessing your account and viewing your personal data.

You have the right to ask us to rectify the data we have, you can also do it, if you are registered by accessing your account. Remember that by providing us with your data you guarantee that they are true.

You have the right to have your data deleted, to the extent that it is no longer necessary, as we have informed you in the second section of this notice.

You have the right to have us limit the processing of your data.

You also have the right to withdraw your consent to the use of your data for any purpose, and you can do so at any time. Some of these actions can be carried out directly, such as removing yourself from our subscription list or deleting the cookies in your browser.

When our use of your data is with your consent or for the execution of the contract (you can review it in section 2), you will have the right to request the portability of your data, being able to receive the personal data that you have provided us.

When the processing of your data is for our legitimate interest, you will also have the right to oppose the processing of your data.

You have the right to file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency at the following address


5.- Changes in the Privacy and Cookies Notice

When necessary or convenient we can modify our Privacy and Cookies Notice. If we do so, we will show it to you on the portal with a “banner” or “pop up”, we can even do it by email if the change is significant for your privacy. In all cases you can oppose or unsubscribe.


6.- Information about Cookies

We use Cookies and similar devices to facilitate and improve your browsing on the Portal, to know how you interact with us, and in a few cases to show you advertising based on your browsing habits. Read our information on Cookies to find out about them, their purpose and other information of interest.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are files that websites install in the user's browser or device (mobile, tablet or Internet-connected television) while browsing the web and serve to store information about their visit.
Like most Internet sites, this page uses cookies so that the website can function properly, store user preferences, know the browsing experience and obtain anonymous statistical information (such as which pages users visit or how much time they spend browsing the web). The use of Cookies allows navigation to be optimized, adapting the information and services offered to the user's interests, to provide a better experience when visiting the page.


Types, purpose and operation of Cookies

Depending on the owner, cookies can be classified as own (those that are sent to the user's device by us) and third-party cookies (those that are sent to the device by a third party that processes the data obtained.

Cookies can be divided into two groups, session or permanent, depending on the time they remain installed. The former expire when the user closes the browser and the permanent ones when the purpose for which they were created is fulfilled or when they are manually deleted.

In addition, depending on their purpose, Cookies can be classified into the following types:

  • Technical or strictly necessary: These are essential files for the proper functioning of a page. They are normally generated when the user accesses the web logs in and are used to keep him identified so that, if a user leaves the website and returns to access said page at another time, he will continue to be identified, thus facilitating his navigation without having to re-identify and to check if the user is authorized to access certain services or areas of the website.
  • Of Functionality or personalization: They are those that allow remembering information so that the user accesses the Portal with configurations or provisions that differentiate their navigation from the rest of users.
  • Performance: They are used to improve the browsing experience and optimize the operation of the website, such as, for example, storing service settings or storing the items entered in a shopping cart.
  • Advertising: Within this type are cookies that collect information about the ads shown to users of a web page. These cookies can be of two types; Anonymous, which are those that only collect information about the advertising spaces displayed on the web without expressly identifying the user and Personalized, which collect personal information from the user of the website by a third party, for the personalization of advertising spaces.
  • Geolocation: These are used to find out in which country or region the user is located when accessing the web with the aim of offering content or services appropriate to their location.
  • Analytics: They collect data about the user's browsing experience on the web, usually anonymously, although sometimes they also allow the user to be uniquely identified to obtain reports on the interests of users in the services offered by the web.

Disable the use of Cookies

  • The user can block or delete the cookies installed on his computer by changing the configuration of the browser options. These settings are usually found in the "options" or "preferences" menu of the browser.
  • The user may at any time disable the use of Cookies on this Portal by entering the settings or options of their browser.
    By disabling the use of cookies, some of the features and services may be disabled, or have a different behavior than expected, such as remaining identified or receiving information directed to your location, last articles viewed, among others.

Agranpor S.L. is not responsible for the content and veracity of the privacy policies of third-party components included in this website.

The registration of Cookies on this website may be subject to the Acceptance of Cookies by the user during the visit to the website, the installation or updating of the browser used, and this acceptance may be revoked at any time through the options of content and privacy settings indicated in the point “Disable the use of Cookies”.