Studio B2B

It may be, we believe it, that the beginning of the great takeoff of sports shoes as a clothing product was during the public transportation strike in New York in April 1980, when women wore them to get to work, keeping their shoes in the closet. Bag. Forty years later, it is a huge industry that continues to grow and, according to estimates, will not stop doing so.

B2B Studio was born to give consulting services to brands that want to expand their offer in the market by launching a line of sneakers or for those with existing lines that want to increase their sales.

We understand the increase in billing and results is linked to improvements in design, which is why we offer

  • Vertical advise

    Focused on working directly with all the teams involved in each of the processes: design, purchasing, commercial, distribution and points of sale.

  • Specific

    Focus on areas on which the client wants to act:

    Color and trend panels, modeling development, control and changes on samples, margin analysis, stock rotation, marketing strategy, placement at the point of sale, or any other area in which improvement is required.

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