This is Us

Hi, I'm Antonio, an old collector and former sneaker dealer. In 2021 I wanted to get back in business. I reserarch the market and found two trends: resale (full of huge competitors) and customization.  

Customizing sneakers is like setting up a restaurant: you need a good chef.

There are many shoemakers in every city, but not so many good ones. So I started visiting them with old pairs that needed repairs. After several failed attempts I found a somewhat dark place, not very good looking, and a bike at the entrance. After a couple of tests I told him about the project, he liked it, I asked him for his mobile phone and he told me he didn't have one. I understood that Manuel was the chef.

Manolo Mosquera

Fourth generation of a family of shoemakers from Arzúa (Galicia, Spain). Visible face of the Mosquera shoe store, a family business with more than 120 years of history. He learned the trade from his father in his teens. More than 40 years of profession and thousands, many thousands, of pairs saved. A reference in A Coruna.

Antonio Grandío

Sneakers collector (1999-2007), founder of "La casa de mi Vieja", one of the first pure sneakers stores in Spain. He has designed sneakers and advised on the design of collections. He captured his experience in 2010 with the publication of "sneakers: until my pockets were empty"